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BFI at the FreedomFest in Las Vegas,

July 11th - July 14th, 2018 


BFI and Global Gold have teamed up with Mark Skousen and his FreedomFest for this year's event, Where is the Voice of Reason? That question certainly suits the realities of our current political and economic environment. As investors, it is important that we understand the context and know our options. This is exactly what we'll be in Las Vegas for!

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BFI Forum Impressions

Complex World, Simple Solutions


Complex World, Simple Solutions! This was the theme for our 2016 Wealth Forum at the Palm Beach Gardens PGA Resort. Some American investors live under the impression that international wealth diversification is complex and costly; some might even wrongly assume it is illegal. 


The participants at our Forum in 2016 received the timely guidance and tools to address these misperceptions. The goal was to "Demystify Offshore". And we did. In particular, Frank Suess introduced BFI's new ONE Trust solution, a convenient, compliant and cost-efficient solution for Americans interested in setting up and maintaining a safe offshore nest egg.

Don't let "them" hold you up with half-truths and harmful misconceptions!