How to protect and grow your wealth in 2016

Plan B Briefing, September 21st - 22nd, Austin, Texas

Learn how to protect and grow your wealth most effectively in 2016 and beyond.


2016 is turning into a very challenging year for global financial markets. We are watching geo-political tensions rise around the globe, and fiscally challenged governments are becoming increasingly “creative” in their financial repression maneuvers. In this kind of environment, it’s worth reviewing your planning and investment options in regard to both structure and asset allocation.


'Plan B' Strategies need to be considered.


Our group's CEO & Chairman Frank Suess, as well as Claudio Grass, the CEO of Global Gold Ltd., will share their views and provide hands-on guidance. Moreover, they will give you an update on what we recommend and on what is new at BFI and Global Gold.

Austin, September 21 and 22, Four Seasons Hotel




Four Seasons Hotel Austin

98 San Jacinto Boulevard 
Austin, TX 78701-4039



  • Frank R. Suess, CEO & Chairman BFI Capital Group

  • Claudio Grass, Managing Director Global Gold



September 21st, Evening Update and Cocktail


  • 17:30 Guests arrive and register

  • 18:00 Welcome and Presentations, followed by Q&A

  • 19:30 Informal Get-Together


September 22nd, Morning Workshop


  • 08:30 - 11:00 Workshop
    Interactive discussion and workshop with details on latest BFI services and recommendations

  • 11:30 Wrap-Up and Close

If you would like to book a hotel room for the night of September 21-22 at the Four Seasons, please contact us regarding special rates. We will be more than happy to  assist you.


The briefing is free of charge for BFI and Global Gold clients as well as for those personally invited to the event. Simply RSVP by completing and sending us the online form below.

If you have not been personally invited and are not a client of BFI's, please contact us for more information. A cover charge of USD 250.- will apply.

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