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Terry Coxon

President of Passport Financial Inc.

Mr Coxon is the founder of Passport Financial Inc and Permanent Portfolio Family of Funds. He has practiced as an investment advisor and tax-planning consultant to individuals and private corporations for 32 years.

Terry has edited numerous books on financial topics and is a contributor to International Man and publications of Casey Research.

James M. Duggan

Founding Principal at Duggan Bertsch LLC

James M. Duggan and his practice concentrate principally on business and corporate law, and estate and wealth planning, primarily as they relate to closely held business interests and high net worth families.


Jim holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from the College of Commerce and Business Administration at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Magna Cum Laude), a Master's degree in Business Administration in Finance from the DePaul University Graduate School of Business (Summa Cum Laude), and a Juris Doctor from the DePaul University College of Law.

Olivier Garret

CEO of Mauldin Economics, Garret/Galland Research and Hard Assets Alliance

Mr. Garret is a founding Partner of Mauldin Economics, a leading publisher of financial research. In 2012 he launched the Hard Assets Alliance, a revolutionary trading platform for precious metals investors. In addition, Olivier is managing partner of three hedge funds invested in the resource sector.

Prior to joining Casey Research in 2007, Olivier was a principal in Kemp Management, a management consulting firm focused on merger & acquisitions as well as turnarounds.

Olivier earned an MBA from the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College and a Masters in Business from the Université de Paris IX-Dauphine.

Claudio Grass

Managing Director of Global Gold Inc.

Claudio Grass joined the Global Gold team in 2011 as Managing Director.Prior to Global Gold he gained vast experience in international sales and marketing working for multinational corporations. He is a strong advocate of free-market principles of the libertarian philosophies.


Claudio holds a commercial degree from the Zurich Business School and studied business economics at the European Economics Academy in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Dirk Steinhoff

Managing Partner & Chief Investment Officer of BFI Infinity Inc.

Mr Steinhoff is a managing partner of BFI Infinity and, as the firm's Chief Investment Officer (CIO), heads up the firm's strategic allocation decisions and investment research. Dirk advises a select group of high net-worth clients regarding their investments and wealth preservation needs.


Prior to BFI, he successfully founded and built two companies in the realm of infrastructure and real estate management, and he worked as an independent asset manager for over 15 years.


Dirk holds a Master´s degree in Civil Engineering and Business Administration from the Technical University of Berlin.

Frank R. Suess

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of BFI Capital Group Inc.

Frank R. Suess is Co-Founder and  Executive Chairman of BFI Capital Group, a Swiss independent wealth management group specialized in serving international investors in their cross-border planning and wealth management needs.

Frank personally advises a select group of wealthy international investors and families with a focus on wealth preservation. He also acts as the Chairman of the Swiss Registered Investment Advisors Association (SRIAA). Prior to his heading up BFI, he held a senior management position with Price Waterhouse.


Frank holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley and a Bachelor´s degree in Finance from Saint Mary´s College.

Felix Zulauf

Founding President at Zulauf Asset Management Inc.

Mr. Zulauf has worked in the financial markets and asset management for almost 40 years. He started his investment career as a trader for a large Swiss Bank and received training in research and portfolio management thereafter with several leading investment banks in New York, Zurich and Paris.

In 1990 he founded his wholly owned Zulauf Asset Management AG allowing him to independently practice his own individual investment philosophy.

Felix has been a member of Barron's Roundtable for over 20 years.

Daniel Zurbrügg

Managing Partner and CEO of BFI Infinity Inc.

Daniel Zurbruegg is a managing partner of BFI Infinity and, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), signs responsible for the executive management of the firm. Prior to that, Mr. Zurbruegg had founded and managed Swiss Infinity Global Investments GmbH, an independent investment advisor that merged with BFI Wealth Management (International) Inc. to form BFI Infinity.


Daniel Zurbruegg has gained extensive banking and investment experience over the last twenty years. As Head Asset Manager for a private bank in Zurich, Daniel and his team managed the bank’s complete private client portfolio.

Daniel completed his business studies in Switzerland and later earned his CFA charter.

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The Forum panel is made up exclusively of professionals that come with the right credentials and long experience. They all have a proven track record and unique skill sets, and they are all part of BFI's senior management team or trusted partners of BFI.

Our panel will present, teach and support you at understanding the key in's and out's of offshore wealth planning and international investing. While you cannot expect to gain all of the knowledge and expertise required to navigate the offshore world safely and profitably in just two days, you might be amazed at how much one can achieve in this intense, workshop-style environment.

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