What's the format of the Forum?

Our goal at the Wealth Forum is for you to understand what your wealth planning needs are, what your specific considerations are for offshore investing, and how you can invest safely, conveniently and in the context of your home rules. Our panel will help guide you through what a usual consultation would be like. As a result, you will walk away with a good blueprint for moving forward.


These goals are reached by making sure enough time is spent discussing and answering your questions, as well as by keeping the number of attendees to a limit so that more direct interaction is possible.


During the Forum, you will hear our esteemed panel of speakers discussing the offshore options available, understanding the current world market situation, and considerations for how to put a complete offshore wealth planning package together. But time will be taken for Q&A, panel discussions, and even time for your own self assessment.

Who typically attends our annual Wealth Forums?

The vast majority of participants are independent-minded, high-net-worth investors and entrepreneurs interested in jurisdictional diversification of their assets. They want to protect and grow their wealth through the use of offshore solutions in the safest, most efficient and most convenient ways possible.

No matter who they are or where they come from, one of the most frequent remarks we hear from our attendees is how they enjoyed being with people that shared their world view. We are sure you will fit right in!

How many people attend our Forum?

We prefer to keep the number of our Forum attendees limited so that everyone gets the opportunity to have their questions answered. You are not another number at our Forums and it is our goal that you walk away from them with a better perspective on the offshore structures and solutions available to match your specific needs as an investor.


If we have to put a number on it, we prefer to have no more than 50 attendees. This affords a more intimate setting for learning and sharing information.

What is the dress code for the Forum (yes, we get that one a lot)?

While our panel will be wearing suits, generally our attendees will be dressed business casual during the event. We want our attendees to be comfortable during our program and we likewise know how it is to attend seminars and conferences.

If I register today to be sure to get in, what happens if I later have to cancel?

We understand that things can happen when you least expect them. In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel up to two weeks prior to the event, we will provide a refund of your registration, less a $100 processing fee.


Because we limit the number of attendees to our Forums, holding your registration two weeks prior to the event or even less may mean that we would have to turn other potential attendees away. If we can fill your place prior to the Forum’s start, you'll receive a refund, less the processing charge. If, on the other hand, a late cancellation means we are unable to fill your spot, no refund will be made. We hope you understand and agree that this is fair.

What if I decide at the last minute that I can attend the Forum. Can I show up without having previously registered?

Obviously a lot of planning with the conference hotel revolves around supplying the number of attendees we are expecting. And we need to provide those ahead of the Forum. That having been said, we normally hold a few additional places for last minute attendees.


If you show up at the Forum unannounced, we should be able to fit you in. You will, of course, need to provide credit card information so that we can charge for the full registration price of the Forum.

I'm attending the Forum, but it hasn't met my expectations.

We at BFI are interested in long-term relationships, built on trust, mutual respect and gratification. Once we receive your registration, we are completely confident that the Forum will be extremely valuable to you. This is why we offer you the following money-back guarantee.

If at any point during the 1st day you are not happy with the way the presentations have gone and you feel the information and guidance is not helpful to you, let us know and we will give you a full refund, no strings attached. Minus a $100 processing fee.

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