How to protect and grow your wealth in 2017

BFI at the Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, July 19th to July 22nd 

America has a new president. So does France. BREXIT negotiations are underway. While the FED has started to raise rates, very carefully, the ECB continues "printing money". Financial markets have acted very calm and stock markets have performed well so far, in 2017. What's next? What are the primary risks, what are the possible opportunities? Part of our team will be at the Freedom Fest in Vegas to discuss those questions.

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Freedom Fest Venue & Program:


Paris Resort Las Vegas

3655 S Las Vegas Blvd

Las Vegas, NV 89109

Freedom Fest Program and other details

BFI Team at the Fest:


  • Daniel Zurbruegg, CEO, BFI Infinity Inc.

  • Dirk Steinhoff, CIO, BFI Capital Group Inc.

  • Alize Marchand, Portfolio Management, BFI Infinity Inc.

Our Schedule at the Fest:


  • July 19th, 18:00 Grand Opening Reception, meet our team members for a casual drink

  • July 20th, 16:20 Open Breakout Session, Turnkey solutions for US investors interested in global investing and jurisdictional diversification, including an update on Global Gold and its services

  • July 21st, 16:20 Private Cocktail Presentation, Global Investment Outlook and how to profit from an international portfolio

  • July 18th - July 22nd - Private consultations. Meet with our team members for a private consultation. It is best to reserve time in advance. Ask for a meeting in the Message field below

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